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Before Baptism

As you prepare for this most special day we know that you and your child have lots of questions.  Read on to learn about some of the most frequently asked questions and for some tips to help you prepare for the day of baptism.


Where & When
Baptisms will take place in Treasure Island on Sunday at the service you normally attend.  This gives your child’s small group the opportunity to celebrate this special day with your family.

Parents, You May Baptize Your Child
We believe that God has charged familes with the responsibility of passing faith along from generation to generation. We want to offer parents the opportunity to baptize your child. If this is something you are interested in, please let us know. Otherwise we will be honored to baptize your child.

Please take the time to watch the baptism video for kids with your child and talk with them about how they know they are saved and why they want to be baptized.  If you feel your child is not yet ready, that’s okay! We offer two to three opportunities for baptism every year in Treasure Island!  If you are not sure if your child is ready to be baptized, contact the Treasure Island staff… we are always delighted to help!

Please help your child write their story. It should be no longer than one page with a normal font and spacing. Please allow your child to use their own wording. Your child’s story should include some information about who they are (their name, their siblings, family pets, etc.), when they got saved, the difference that a relationship with Jesus makes in their life and why they want to be baptized.  The completed story can be emailed to the Treasure Island staff at your campus. Your child’s story will be read aloud by a Treasure Island staff member or volunteer on the day of baptism.

Here are a couple of examples to help you and your child write their story…

My name is XXXXXXX, I am 10 years old and I have a twin sister. We don’t look alike but people always compare us to each other. It takes me longer to do my schoolwork. When I take tests or meet new people or play sports… I get really nervous. My mommy and daddy taught me to pray to God and ask Him to be with me and give me the strength to do my very best. When I pray I feel better and less scared. My brother sister and I look forward to going to Treasure Island to dance, sing and praise Jesus. Treasure Island was were I decided to get baptized to tell the world how much I love Jesus and that I want to always have Him in my heart.

My name is XXXXXXX and I am eleven years old. My family and I started attending Port City Church when I was four years old. They have shared the love of Christ with me for as long as I can remember. One night, my mom and I were talking about Jesus. She told me that God loved me so much, that He sent Jesus to die for me. I told her I believed in God and wanted Jesus to be my savior. We said a prayer and I have been walking with God since. I have learned a lot about Jesus in Treasure Island. I see God work in my prayer life, like when my grandad got in an accident. He was hurt very badly, but God answered prayers and brought healing. I want to get baptized because I want to show how much I love God and to let others know I believe in Jesus.

You’re Invited
Please invite family and friends to join the celebration! We will have a special area designated for you and your guests and we would be honored to have you stay for the entire Treasure Island experience (our program is typically 30 minutes).


Need help?  Contact us.

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