If you’re anything like me, you’ve come to the realization that this parenting thing is hard.  These little ones that God has entrusted us with don’t come with an instruction manual and they don’t stay little forever.  As parents, we’re on this non-stop train of training that won’t stop for a long time and we feel like we don’t have a clue. The bottom line is this:  I need help.  Can you relate?  Often, as parents, we know that we need some sort of support system, but we’re not quite sure where to turn.  We may seek advice from our parents or from the relatively small cluster of people we trust to know what’s really going on in our homes.  Possibly worse, we just try to suck it up and figure it out on our own.  What in the world are we to do?

Over the past several years we have been thinking, dreaming and praying about how we as a church can do a better job of actually “partnering with parents” as they seek to lead their kids in a relationship with God.  We talk a lot about wanting to help parents, but many of us believe we can do it better.  We’ve held a number of focus groups and we’ve had some great conversations about how we can practically do this.  We’ve landed on starting something that is more than a program.  What we feel like we need is a “parent network”.



parent equipping

We have lots of great events and seminars for parents throughout the year.  These events are designed to both give you some practical parenting insight and connect you with other parents.  You will walk away more equipped and encouraged. 


parent/kid events

We believe that the church should be a place where kids and parents can connect through shared experiences, and those experiences can be fun!  We have several events throughout the year where moms and dads can have a great time with their sons and daughters.

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parent resources

Ever tried to search online for “Christian parenting” resources?  Good luck with that!  As we all know, there are so many things out there, and not all of them are good.  We have a team of parents combing the web and we’ll be posting and printing resources that we think can really help you.  Visit our Resources page to get lots of great info and encouragement.


Parent connection

As parents we all know that we can't go on this journey alone.  We sometimes just need that extra voice to encourage us and direct us as we step into each day of parenting.  If you need it, we'd love to connect you to someone who can mentor you along the way and partner with you as you seek to raise your kids to follow Christ.