We are F A M I L Y!

We loved being back together with you all on Sunday! It felt sort of like a big family reunion after a (long) three weeks apart. It was incredible all being together in one room, hearing you all share stories of what life has been like for the past two weeks. God created us to be in community to love, encourage, and support each other when we need it most. I hope that you know that we, as a TI family, are here to do just that. Continue to let us know how we can be praying for you and if you need anything at all!

Thank you all for being so flexible and eager to serve on Sunday. I heard countless times on Sunday how grateful families were to be able to bring their kids back and start to create some sort of “normalcy” again. Thank you for creating a safe place for our kids to come process their emotions and for being ready to engage them and love on them as soon as they came in!

We are planning to do a similar format in Treasure Island of the next few weeks because we don’t think we will have access to our classrooms for a while. Here is our plan as far as what we will be talking about the next few weeks:

Sunday, Oct 7th-FEAR AND WORRY



The plan as of now is to begin back with Gospel Project stuff on Oct 28th...but begin with material from September that we had to put a pause on. THAT IS NOT SET IN STONE THOUGH!! So as with most things right now hold onto that with open hands and we will keep discussing as we get closer!

We love you all! Let us know if you need anything!!