Christmas Break Notes [12-2-18]


Christmas Break

Speaker: Geoff Banks

  • The people you don’t expect become open to the God thing over Christmas

    • EX: family

    • Maybe this is the only time of the year where you get engaged in Christianity

  • Christmas makes you think about everything you should’ve been doing throughout the year. You think you blew it this year/strayed from God

    • You get an honest look at the year, which can hurt OR it makes you think about how close you’ve come to God this year.

  • It’s easier to think about the fun things about Christmas rather than the true point, which is Jesus’ birth.

  • We look past the Shepard’s in the Christmas story:

    • The Shepherds were far from religious: they were dirty, smelled bad, considered spiritual dirt. Everyone stayed away and they weren’t allowed to come to church. God could have chosen anyone other than the shepherd to tell about Jesus’ birth.

  • Luke 2:8-21

    • Angels are worshipping with the shepherds

    • God wants peace with ALL humanity

    • God not only loves us, but likes us

      • God starts to proclaim the story of Jesus before he was even born

  • We constantly strive to earn God's love

    • That needs to come to an end in our lives.   

  • What are the things in your life that you believe stops God from loving you or liking you?

    • What sin, mistake or secret do you allow to get in the way?

    • He died so we don't have to live with that sin, relationship or mistake or secret.

  • What defines you is what He says about you.

    • You don’t have to be defined by the thing you believe stops God from loving you.

    • Leave that moment- God has power over that

    • He is a God of second chances!