PC3's mission is to reach people and help them walk with God. Women's Ministry exists to help women know Christ and to equip them to make Him known to others. Our senior pastor, Mike Ashcraft, has shared before, "spiritual formation does not just happen naturally; it must be intentional.

The people of Port City Community Church examine our everyday lives from five perspectives. We call them gauges. To mature in each is to grow deeper into Christ and to grow upward into His fullness.

  1. PURSUIT — Seek God and respond to him with reverence, wonder, and awe.

2. DISCIPLINE — Take hold of everything God has given you in Christ Jesus.

3. FORMATION — Explore and adapt to your identity in Christ and the culture of God's kingdom.

4. IMITATION — Venture into the world around you, as a bearer of God-like love.

5. MISSION — Purposefully invest in the development of others.