As we commit and posture ourselves to grow in our personal walk with God, CARE: Fellowship; and Service become expressions of authentic relationships cultivated and motivated by love for God and one another. Three aspects of CARE are: Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical.

It is our desire to CARE for one another well, but CARE can mean many things to different people. Varying factors can influence someone's perspective and expectation of what "care" is and what it looks like. CARE requires each of us to own our need, to share our need, and to entrust our need to be met in the context of love and grace.

PC3 CARE team provides care and support in a number of different ways.

They have various options that range from broad care, line one-to-one Biblical counseling, to very specific care, like Refuge addictions ministry or Care Support Groups.

One-Two-One Biblical Counseling -

There are times when the weight of our struggles become too much to bear alone. Our counseling team is here for exactly those times - whether you're grieving, trying to repair a marriage or struggling with addiction - let one of our trained staff or volunteers walk with you through your situation and help you find the freedom in Christ that you need.