May 8, 2019


The focus for today is straightforward: to pause and give thanks. We’ll walk you through an exercise that will help you express gratitude.

Expressing our gratitude glorifies God more than any effort we can bring to Him. Why does it have such great worth in His eyes? Our thanksgiving magnifies God and is our acknowledgment that He is good in all things. A thankful heart shapes and forms us, leading us to express our praise in worship. But, there is another purpose behind our gratitude. Stability, gratitude, and generosity serve as markers to help us measure our spiritual maturity. Take a moment to flex your gratitude muscle by engaging in this thanksgiving exercise.

Thank God that His love is consistent even in the midst of your inadequacies.
Thank God that you are no longer a slave to sin.
Thank God that the labels others put on you and you put on yourself don’t define you...Christ does.
Thank God that He uses your circumstances to bring you closer to His side.
Thank God for never leaving or forsaking you.
Thank God for the people who have come alongside you in your journey to reflect God's heart.
Thank God for His daily provision.
Thank God for how His heart is beginning to take root in your character.