Four Simple Steps For Success

I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful, long Labor Day weekend.  I am having a hard time today remembering that it’s already Tuesday. This week is going to fly by! 

As we jump back into our normal routines for the week and begin to prepare our hearts for Sunday, I want to share four simple things that can really help to set you up for success as a TI volunteer:

  1. Read through the entire newsletter. If you’re reading this, you’re off to a good start! The newsletter contains the link to the curriculum, a devotion and this “need to know” section. The reason that we spend time including each of these items in the newsletter is to help you be as prepared and equipped as possible to reach kids and come alongside families to help them walk with God. The curriculum is provided so that you can read through it ahead of time which will help you to better reach, engage and lead your kids in small group. The devotion, which goes along with what we are teaching that upcoming Sunday, will help you to process through the bible story and prepare your heart. Lastly, this “need to know” section will help to keep you informed so that you are well aware of what’s happening here in TI. If you’re well informed, you will also be able to be a great resource to our families! 
  2. Arrive prepared and on time for Sunday. We have done our best to move almost all of our training and team meeting time to the ten minute window of time we have before kids arrive (8:25-8:35, 10:25-10:35, 4:25-4:35) on Sunday. This means it’s extremely important for you to be there on time. This time frame includes our regular trainings, relationship building in your zones and our meetings with Rich. That ten minute time each week is very intentional and it’s designed just for you. Our hope during this time is to equip, train and encourage you!  
  3. Let us know when you are going to be out. Treasure Island is a volunteer run ministry. This means there are not nearly enough of us on staff to make TI possible when you are not here. We need to know ahead of time when you are going to be out so that we can find subs to lead while your away. Take a few minutes each month to look at your schedule, if there are any weekends that you know you’re going to be away, just write it down on the calendar in your zone or let your captain know. We are happy to help find coverage for you, all you have to do it let us know! 
  4. PRAY! Last, but certainly not least, pray. Pray for our kids, families, volunteers and future volunteers! We are a family. We are the church. It’s crucial that we are taking the time to lift one another up. I encourage you to stop right now and take a few minutes to pray! 

We are so grateful to have each of you on the TI team. We are here for you and we love you all so much!