Team Time

Hey team! 

You all knocked it out of the park on Sunday! We saw a huge spike in our attendance yet all things continued to flow so seamlessly. I am thinking we will continue grow in the coming weeks as families settle back into their routines for the fall. This means we have the opportunity to reach more kids and come alongside more families to help them walk with God! Like we said on Sunday, we believe that YOU and your relationships with our kids and families has the potential for the greatest impact. This is why it is is so important to us that you feel equipped and confident in your role as a volunteer.


We believe the best way to equip you is through regular trainings, time to learn and grow together with your teams and opportunities to hear from us about the vision and mission that we believe God has for us here in TI. We have worked hard over the past few years to create a training plan that helps to set you up for success as a volunteer. I want you to know what you can expect each month during our team time/pre-service meetings from 8:25-8:35, 10:25-10:35 or 4:25-4:35. 


1st Sunday- Training in the TI auditorium 

2nd Sunday- Team building in your zones 

3rd Sunday- Enrichment in TI auditorium 

4th Sunday- Team building in your zones 

5th Sunday- Team building in your zones


That means that this week you will head straight to your zones/team meetings when you arrive. I hope this helps you to know what to expect and where to be each week. If you have any questions, please let me know!