Get Cookin'

We are so pumped that day camp week has finally arrived! It has been an absolute blast so far! It’s been so fun seeing our kiddos learning and growing together while having so much fun. This week our kids are learning that they are children of God, they are adopted into God's family, changed continually by the work of the Holy Spirit, and called to live in the uniqueness God has given them. Isn’t that incredible!? We are so thankful to have the Centrikid staff here along with our incredible volunteers who have made this week possible for our families. 

Don’t worry, we’ve already reserved our spots for overnight camp and picked the date for day camp next year! If you didn’t get to be apart this year, I would highly encourage you to jump in next summer. We will share those dates with you soon!! 

I would love to share a few photos and encourage you to pray for our campers and leaders this week!! 

See you Sunday!!