Children’s Ministry Team Changes

We are excited to announce two exciting changes to the Treasure Island team!  

Over the last several years, we have been dreaming about ways that we might better align the children ministries at PC3.  By creating a more consistent experience for children, families and volunteers as they move through Grow Zone and in to Treasure Island we believe that we will be able to more effectively achieve the mission that God has entrusted to each of us.  With this dream in mind, Rich Biagini will move to be our Director of Children's Ministries overseeing both TI and GZ in ILM.  Kayla Daughtridge and Molly Swander will report to him and he'll work to continue to better connect all of our children's ministry together.  He will also work with Andy, Sue and Tanya on our other campuses to help all of our children's ministries coordinate better.  We ask that you join us in praying for God’s continued favor as we move in to this exciting new season of ministry.  

We are also very excited to let you know that Denise Lord has decided to not leave staff and stay on in her role in Treasure Island.  See a note below from her:

Hey everybody! As you know, for the past couple of months I have been planning and preparing to move to Raleigh.This has been difficult saying goodbye's and preparing for a new season. And in this midst of all of it my prayer has constantly been that every day I go where God wants me to go, and I do what he's asking me to do and that I can do just that for that day. And every morning the same prayer. God lead and guide my steps TODAY because today is the only day I can do anything about. That doesn't mean that in the midst of it all there hasn't been worry or concern for my future (trust me there has), but I know in my heart that the present day that I am in is the only day I can do anything about. And when future days come I can be present in those days too. Well a couple of weeks ago I asked the Lord to guide me on a step that I needed to take, and some decisions that had to be made. And the next day came with new steps and new decisions. And of course in the middle of me taking steps and making decisions God was working and moving in my heart in ways that were unexpected, to where this past Saturday came to me making a decision to stay in Wilmington. Honestly it has been quite the emotional and spiritual journey over the past few weeks, but I have been so overwhelmed with peace and clarity from the Holy Spirit that it was one of the easiest decisions I had to make (of course knowing that means I don't have to leave you guys makes it easier too :) ) I want you all to know just how loved and supported I have felt in the midst of this journey, and how thankful I am to have you guys as my community. Now I know this may bring up a lot of questions about my journey and how the past few weeks have unfolded, of which I would love to talk about with anyone who wants to ask! But the short story is, it is all good things, I will continue working as the LG Coordinator in TI, Davy is moving back to Wilmington (yay!!!), and I love you all so much! I am so thankful that I get to continue the journey of working with all you sweet souls every day!

If you have any questions about any of this please do not hesitate to ask a staff member on Sunday.  We are really excited about these changes and where God is leading us in the coming years.