Happy Birthday Jesus!

We are so excited to celebrate Jesus’ birth together this Sunday with our kiddos for our LAST Sunday in Treasure Island this year. The party will start as soon as the kids arrive and each and everyone of you will play a part in making Sunday extra special. There will be balloons, party hats, streamers, snacks and more!

Ministry Flows From Your Walk

It seems that with each year that passes, I somehow find this statement to be more and more true in my life- your ministry flows from your walk. It’s a simple concept but we often forget just how important making our walk a priority is in our life. As we prepare for our time together on Thursday and have the opportunity to hear from Mike as he takes time to remind and encourage us with this same statement, I have spent some time reflecting on what this looks like for me.

Four Simple Steps For Success

I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful, long Labor Day weekend.  I am having a hard time today remembering that it’s already Tuesday. This week is going to fly by! 

As we jump back into our normal routines for the week and begin to prepare our hearts for Sunday, I want to share four simple things that can really help to set you up for success as a TI volunteer: