Creating a Safe Place!

Our mission in Treasure Island is to reach kids and come alongside families to help them walk with God. We have been given the incredible opportunity to love and lead these kids and families each week. With that incredible opportunity comes a great responsibility to steward the time we have with them well. I believe this starts by creating a safe place. We know that if our kids and families feel safe, a foundation of trust can begin to be built upon week after week. We have put these policies and procedures in place because we believe they can help us to create the type of safe and welcoming environment that will better allow us to reach kids and help them walk with God.

Team time!

You know what excites me most about February?! The fact that we are one month closer to SUMMER!!! Can I get a Hallelujah?! (and Denise’s wedding is this month, we’re pretty excited for that too:)) I don’t know about you but I am giddy over these warmer temps this week and I am counting down the days until they are here to stay.

This week I wanted to take a few minutes to talk to you about the purpose behind the meeting time you have with your teams on the weeks where we don’t meet in the TI auditorium (like this upcoming Sunday) for training. This time is designed to be an opportunity for you to connect and build relationships with the group of volunteers that you serve with each week.

How to help Elementary Schoolers Develop Friends!

By the time kids hit upper elementary, they begin to realize their first major crisis: Friendship.

Kids wonder if they have any friends and if their peers will accept them. To avoid rejection, they consider changing who they are no matter the cost.

This isn’t just something that happens to our fourth and fifth graders. Believe it or not, research is beginning to show that by kindergarten many kids are testing the power of their influence and seeking connections with friends at any cost.

TI Volunteer FAQ's

What do I do if a child/parent asks me about baptisms in TI?

First, tell them how excited you are that they/their child is wanting to take that next step in their walk with God! Then be sure to give them one of the business sized baptism cards. There should be some in each zone and on the TI welcome desk. Explain to them that the website link on the card will help to walk them through the entire process. There are videos and steps for the parents to go through with their child! The last step on the site will be to email Rich to set up a time to meet so you can also let them know to reach out to Rich if they have any questions and hand them one of his business cards as well.

What is discipleship?

As I have been thinking about this year, my word, and the direction I hope to head in personally and in TI, it all comes back to discipleship. As believers, discipleship should be at the heart of everything we do. At PC3 we define discipleship as training yourself and others to be trained by Christ. Essentially it’s all about loving Christ and loving others. It can be so easy to get caught up in programs, tasks and to-do lists that we forget what matters most, which are people.


Can you believe it’s already time to start talking about summer camp?! I can’t either but I am so excited! We are doing both overnight and day camp again this summer with Centrikid so if you missed out on the opportunity to help last year, we would absolutely love for you to consider applying to help this year! All you have to go is go to to sign up! We are going to need a lot of help this year so take a look at the dates below and see if you may be able to help!

Happy 2019!

I hope you all had wonderful Christmas and New Years celebration! We can’t wait to be back together this Sunday with you all. Be sure to check out the curriculum so that you are prepared and know where were are jumping back in at in scripture! Speaking of scripture, I don’t know if any of you ever struggle to open your Bible or figure out some sort of reading plan, but I do. I was listening to a podcast a few weeks ago and the speaker shared an awesome resource that got me REALLY excited and I want to share it with you.

Happy Birthday Jesus!

We are so excited to celebrate Jesus’ birth together this Sunday with our kiddos for our LAST Sunday in Treasure Island this year. The party will start as soon as the kids arrive and each and everyone of you will play a part in making Sunday extra special. There will be balloons, party hats, streamers, snacks and more!

Ministry Flows From Your Walk

It seems that with each year that passes, I somehow find this statement to be more and more true in my life- your ministry flows from your walk. It’s a simple concept but we often forget just how important making our walk a priority is in our life. As we prepare for our time together on Thursday and have the opportunity to hear from Mike as he takes time to remind and encourage us with this same statement, I have spent some time reflecting on what this looks like for me.