Treasure Island Volunteer Handbook

What we teach:

We use a curriculum called The Gospel Project which takes kids on a 3 year Christ-centered, chronological journey through Scripture. Kids get to discover how the gospel unfolds from Genesis through Revelation. We believe when kids truly experience the gospel, their hearts are transformed. It is the gospel, not good behavior, that changes everything and that is what we want our kids to walk away from Treasure Island understanding.

Treasure Island Rules:

  1. Engage in small group.

  2. Only one person may talk at a time.

  3. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

  4. Participate in large group.

  5. Have FUN!

Volunteer Responsibilities:

During the week:

-Pray for our TI kids and families.

-Read our weekly volunteer newsletter.

-Let us know when you are going to be absent.

-Remember that your lifestyle and decisions are a model for the children of TI. Your relationships, hobbies, activities and social media should bring glory and honor to God.

On Sundays:

-Arrive on time and prepared!

-Dress appropriately with your TI shirt and name tag.

-Be present both physically and mentally. Put cell phones and other distractions away so that you can be fully engaged.

-Attend a worship service at Port City Community Church.

Disciple vs. Discipline

Do’s: Use positive redirection & pray with children

Don’ts: No time-outs, or any form of physical restraint.

Managing behavior can be challenging but can make a huge difference when you are able to do it well! We encourage you to use positive redirection when possible (no yelling, scolding or time out). We ask that you address the misbehavior immediately. Share why it’s not appropriate and always try to close the conversation in prayer and to point kids back to Jesus.

Discipleship is training yourself and others to be trained by Christ. We believe it’s in these challenging moments that you have with your kids can be a great opportunity to really disciple them well.

If misbehavior continues, please follow through with our three step process found in the following section.

Managing Behavior:

1st offense: “Warning”- If a child is misbehaving, talk to them about respectful conduct and what is expected. Try redirecting their focus to the activity at hand.

2nd offense: “Speak with the captain”- Ask the captain to take the child aside to reinforce why their behavior is not appropriate.

3rd offense: “Page Parents”- If the child continues to misbehave, then parents(s) must be summoned. Be firm about this so that the children know that you mean what you say.

Policies and Procedures:

BATHROOM & WATER BREAKS We discourage bathroom and water breaks if at all possible during TI as the kids are here for a short time. However, sometimes they are unavoidable. When a child must use the restroom, a volunteer (typically the Small Group Assistant or Captain) will escort the child to the bathrooms located by the entrance and exit doors INSIDE Treasure Island and wait outside. If you are down in 4th/5th you still need to walk with your kids down into the TI auditorium to use the restroom! Please never go in the bathroom with a child. If there is a need to do so, call TI Staff. If a child really needs a drink of water during TI, there are cups in the bathrooms

PHONES/PHOTOS Please put your phones away while serving! We have a short window of time with these kids each week and we need to make the most of the time we have with them by being ALL IN! Pictures of Treasure Island children should not be taken or posted on any social media!

FOOD/SNACKS & DRINKS Please finish up your personal snacks or snacks from the greenroom before the kids arrive! The greenroom snacks are meant for you to enjoy before or after serving, not while you are serving! Having food out in front of the kids can be really distracting not to mention needing to be really careful with food allergies!

FIRST AID KIT These are readily available in each zone (in the small group leader resource basket) and in the cave out front! We also have a safety/medical team that is ready to act if a need ever occurs. The quickest way to get medical help is to communicate the situation/need with us over a TI walkie and we can easily and quickly page the medical team to come help!

SAFETY Each family must check their child in at a kiosk out front to receive their sticker/tag before they enter into Treasure Island. Parents must have their tag that matches their child's number in order to pick their child up at the end of service. Please remove the child's sticker when the parents pick up so that safety team in the hallway knows that the child is no longer checked in TI!

No one should enter TI without a sticker or unless they are accompanied by a staff member. If someone wants to peek in and check it out a TI volunteer can walk in with them to show them around and tell them more about what we do in TI!


We want to be clear in how we explain salvation and baptism to kids in TI so here is how we break it down. God loved, God gave, We believe, We receive. To learn more about this you can go here. This is also the same link that we give to families when their child is interested in baptism. We have business sized cards in each zone and out front- so if you have a child asking about how to get baptized, make sure to grab a card and give it to their parent!

Centrikid Camp:  

We provide two camp opportunities each summer for Treasure Island age kids. One is an overnight camp for 3rd-5th graders and the other is a day camp for Kindergarten-3rd graders. Both camps are wonderful opportunities for kids do dive into their walk with God on a deeper level while still having lots of fun. Cost, location and dates of these camps vary from year to year. If you would like more information regarding our summer camp programs please email

Impact Zone:

Impact Zone is our service opportunity given to families 3 times throughout the year. Our mission in these projects is to help kids develop a heart for others. The Spring Impact Zone is a one month push for families to pick from one of the many opportunities and serve together as a family either inside the church or out in the community. The Summer Impact Zone is a beach sweep the day after 4th of July. The Fall Impact Zone is separated by grade levels and each family is encouraged to come serve alongside their child in a particular service project set up for their specific grade. If you would like more information regarding our service projects or would like more information on how to get involved please email

Meet the staff:

Rich Biagini

Sierra Barnes

Katie Robinson

Greg Tart

Denise Lord