BAPTISM is one of two sacraments given by Jesus. It marks the beginning of new life with Christ. Baptism represents a first act of obedience to Christ, is a public declaration of faith, and is a symbolic welcoming into Jesus’ Church - the body of Christ. It’s an outward expression of an inward heart change, and, it’s a HUGE celebration!

To be baptized at Port City Community Church in our Student Ministries:

  1. Register, using the form below!

  2. Complete a short study called The Absolute Basics of the Christian Faith. We offer this study in our student ministries several times a year!

  3. We want to hear your story! Use the form linked below to submit your story of faith. It’s full of questions that will help you share your story of faith and why you want to be baptized!

  4. Meet briefly with Student Ministries staff so we can cover any logistical information (dates for baptism, etc.) and to chat about your story and answer any additional questions you might have!