Made Notes [2-10-19]


Geoff Banks


  • The church needs to be a safe place for this conversation regardless if you’ve had sex multiple times or have never thought about it.  

  • Once you learn how something is made, you understand it better.

  • Everyone is on different parts of the spectrum regards to sex

  • 2 different sides :

    • The church makes sex seem like the BIGGEST sin you can commit

    • Modern culture makes it seem like it’s no big deal

  • 1) God made sex

    • You want to have it because God made you that way

  • 2) God made you

    • Decisions you make in a relationship are always connected to how you see yourself

  • Psalms 139:14 [I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;your works are wonderful, I know that full well]

  • Matthew 5

    • If you even think about your sin ( example - adultery) you messing up

  • Jesus cares about the state of our hearts and minds

  • How you see people around you matters. God wants more for us than to think of people as objects

    • Objects : clothes , electronics - are made to be used and consumed

  • People are not made to be used or discarded . They are meant to be valued
    - It’s on US. Not the other person's fault
    - Am I treating them like a product or a person ?

  • We are called to love people and use objects . Not the other way around .
    - It all starts with valuing and honoring people