How I walk through & understand John 4


The Woman at the Well Made Simple

One of the biggest struggles with people coming to Jesus is the idea that he’s old-fashioned, hard to get to know, and totally unrelatable. But Jesus is just as approachable as the guy in line with you at Port City Java! (I mean we all know his favorite coffee shop is He Brews... sorry, too corny?) ANYWAY! One thing I do to make the stories in the Bible more comprehensible, more applicable, and more modern, is imagining Jesus as a Millennial. I know it's weird, but stay with me- it'll all make sense soon.

Jesus is represented in the Bible as a revolutionary man that said no to the status-quo, even when everyone around pushed him to persecute and condemn those he loved. One of my favorite stories in the Bible is the story of the Woman at the Well, that can be found in John 4.

In the story we see that:

1. Jesus talks in a metaphor. "Everyone who drinks this water (the well) will be thirsty
again, but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst (eternal life)..."
Highlight this verse in your Bible, it’s a moral of the story kinda verse. We tend to not read past this verse, BUT it gets better if you do! Jesus was definitely not appreciated during his time. He was a poet. Only Jesus spoke like this, and he definitely would be the Instagram caption king: "the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life"... like wow (insert
dramatic waterfall picture of your vacation to some tropical island). The point of this verse is to illustrate the ever satisfying life that is received through Jesus, because we are humans and we crave the feeling of fulfillment. Too often we try to find that in things that look pleasing to the eye but are detrimental to the soul. God sees our struggle and wants so much more for us than the emptiness. 

2. Secondly, I love how ‘not all there’ the Samaritan woman is. Jesus is trying the be all "I am
the Messiah" without having to write it in the ground, but eventually he gives up and
just looks at her (with what I imagine as a little bit of Jesus sass) saying "I, the one speaking to you- I am He." (v. 26). Sometimes I feel a lot like this woman. I try to struggle through my own problems, not seeing the purpose of the problem, letting myself get so stressed and frustrated that I eventually scream "What's the freaking purpose of all this!!!". That’s when Jesus approaches me, looks me in the eye, and vigorously shakes me screaming back, "It is me!! I'm the reason and purpose!" We all need to have this spelled out to us sometimes… and more often than we’d like to admit. Jesus is that friend who isn't afraid to call you out, he wants to put you on the right path and walk through all the craziness with You.

3. Now we've gotten the part where the disciples show up from Sychar (the town where they went to provide some food for Jesus), the disciples tell Jesus “hey we've got the food you wanted please eat,” but Jesus replies: "I have food to eat that you know nothing about" (v. 32). Wow, okay if this would be said to me, I would think Jesus was either hiding snacks or really hangery- but then after reading on, we realize he told the same message he told the Samaritan Woman: "My food is to do the will of Him who sent me... Open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest" (v. 34). Everything he says has a purpose and a message behind it, and some of what he says isn't meant to be literally, but read in a way that will paint a picture and have a lasting impact, rather than being told “Hey so do God’s work because if you look around there's a lot to be done”. I mean which would you prefer to hear?

4. Lastly, I love the following Jesus attracts. One moment he's talking to the woman
at the well, then he tells her the story of her life, explains that he is the Messiah, and next
thing you know, the whole town of Sychar shows up because of an outcast woman and her testimony (She had five husbands and now lives with a man she isn't married to), people were brought to Jesus literally and spiritually. Then as the closing of the story goes, "We no longer believe just what you said [the woman]; now we have heard for ourselves, and we know this man really is the Savior," (v. 42). Jesus wouldn't Catfish us, he is who he said he is and loves us
like he said he would love us. There's no "if's" or "but's" about it. As cheesy as it sounds at times, the message is all too real: Jesus loves us and all of our weird and messed up lives. No exceptions. He provides us with all the outs when we feel trapped and wouldn't leave us thirsty or hungry for answers. He is the Well and the Harvest, all we need to do is come to him.





Reading the Bible can be difficult at times but it is important to try and struggle through even when it seems impossible. Some ways to make it a whole lot less intimidating is to find a version you understand (I use NIV), you want to make sure you understand what your reading so figuring out the style of text you want is very important. Next, go to a coffee shop with some friends and have a Bible study (caffeine and christ is always a good combo). When you’re in a comfortable environment surrounded with friends it just makes it that much easier to dive in and understand the word. Lastly remember the reason for reading the Bible. Reading the Bible helps us understand God’s word and intentions for our lives, it is a blueprint for life with a Christ like foundation, and a map directing us when things gets rough. The Bible is the ultimate Christian Google or Yahoo Answers but the only way to access it is to sit down and make time to read.