Riptide is a community that is moving the church out of the building and putting it into the hands and homes of Wilmington students. We can often get lost in a digital world, losing touch with those around us, intentional or not. Digitizing testimony translates evidence of Jesus into a students language. This site consists of student testimonies, devotionals, music playlists, reading list and so much more! Everything you see on our page has been written and curated by a Ripple Effect student.

Our mission is focused on 3 main components:

  • Creating community among students

  • Giving hope

  • Helping students grow in their walk with God

We are called to spread the word of God, publishing His work for all to see [Psalm 96:3]. We are filled with an uncontainable light, something that shines through in the darkest of times [Matthew 5:14]. This light gives hope to others and encouragement in darkness [Romans 1:12], creating a new form of community. Together we are stronger, and alive in the hope He has given us.

“Publish His glorious deeds among the nations.
Tell everyone about the amazing things He does!”
Psalm 96:3


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Check out Maggies story on YouTube