School is out, and it’s time for summer! So, we decided to switch things up! This summer we’ve got a lot going on. From FUSE to Beach Week, this summer is gonna look different from anything we’ve done before:

RE Summer Nights - Ready for some summer hangs? On these Sunday nights we’re getting all of Ripple Effect together at Kerry Fitzgerald’s house (map) for games, food, worship, and Bible Studies. There’s also a pool, so if you want to swim, make sure you bring something to wear!

RE Summer Nights Dates:

June 9

June 30

July 7

August 18

White Water Center - For the first time ever, on June 22nd we’re heading to the US National Whitewater Center for rafting and MUCH MORE! It’ll be an awesome time to build relationships while experiencing adventure together! Click here to learn more about the Whitewater Center. Interested in signing up for this day trip? Want more info about cost and times, etc.? Click here to register!

FUSE - FUSE is our summer camp for students, and this year, we’re doing a week designed specifically for high school students!  Click here to learn more about FUSE!

RE Beach Week - For 3 days (August 4-6) we’ll be hanging out on Harbor Island and Wrightsville Beach. Bring your friends for a couple days of hangs, competition, food, worship, and a really good time. And it’s FREE!!! More info about RE Beach Week coming soon!