Parent Network Launch Event with stuart hall

We launched the Paeent Network in January of 2016 with a great event with Stuart Hall.  Stuart introduced the Phase Project from Orange and gave us some great things to think about as we parent our kids in each phase.  


Parenting through the phases with kristen ivy

In June of 2016 Kristen Ivy joined us for another great look at how to parent our kids through the phases.  There are lots of ways we can encourage our kids in every phase and Orange has some great tools to help us as parents.  


Stacking the stands with Mark DeVries

Mark DeVries, long time youth pastor and founder of Ministry Architects, shared with parents in January of 2017 about the importance of "stacking the stands" for our kids and surrounding them with people who will love and pour into them.  As our kids grow up it's a critical thing for us as parents to do.

Stuart Event from Balcony.jpg

Intentional parenting with stuart hall

We launched the 2017-18 school year in the Parent Network by having Stuart Hall talk about how we can be more intentional as parents and move the "dials" in our kids' lives.  There is so much that we as parents can do to help push our kids in the right direction.

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Intentional parenting with the ashcraft family

At our last Parent Network Event in January of 2018 Mike, Julie, Madison and Michaela Ashcraft all shared about their family and how they have been able to build healthy relationships.  It was a great night for sure that is worth your time to watch!