The Invitation

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with Me.” Revelation 3:20


One of my favorite activities to participate in is receiving an invitation to a home cooked meal. I get so much joy and excitement about being able to enjoy a meal with the fellowship of other people. It seems as though food has the ability to bring people together and create an atmosphere where fun thrives. 

On the other hand, there is a special rush that comes with being the host of such parties. I am not the best at the preparation side of these parties unlike my wife who crushes the hospitality game! While Denise handles the preparation and hosting, I take over the social realm and keep the party lively. The highest point of each party is when we can finally gather around the dinner table and simply enjoy. 

There is only one moment of a party where I get a bit of nerves: the arrival. Picture this: you are the host, everything is set as great as it can be. You look around and the house is clean, the dinner smells great and the atmosphere is elegant and fun. Now, you wait. You scroll your phone until suddenly it happens, the knock on the door. You rush to the door, take a second to catch your breath, and open the door. It is time to get the party started. 

I enjoy this imagery when I read this verse in Revelation. I grew up hearing this verse plenty of times and every time I heard it I would think to myself, “Cool, I have opened the door, and now I get to have dinner with Jesus. Does it get much better than this?” The answer is of course it does, we get to learn more and more about Him!

The challenge we have to wrestle with in this verse is, do you open the door? Jesus is giving us the invitation to sit and eat with Him, our Savior who conquered our sins and death, but Jesus will not force His way into our homes. Jesus is all about giving us the invitation.

He has prepared and provided everything for the party. The invitation He extends does not require a dress code, a salary, a position, a title nor any other prerequisite. He does not care what we cook, what our house looks like, what flavor sparkling water we will provide; He cares about us opening the door. 

I believe the greatest promise of this verse is once we open the door for Him, He is here to stay. Jesus loves to fellowship and His ministry on earth is full of moments where He jumped into fellowship with people. The people around Jesus who understood what He taught and realized who He truly was were those who let Him into their lives. 

Once people accept the invitation, He never leaves them. Those who fellowshipped with Jesus while He walked the earth probably felt a little nervous when Jesus gave His life on the cross. Yet, they witnessed the fulfilled promise of Jesus to always be with them when He came back from the grave (Matthew 28:20).

What an opportunity we have to be invited to sit and eat with Jesus. The access we have to Jesus is undeserved and against all logic. My hope is we realize who is sitting at our table. Jesus sitting at the table with us means we have the chance to get real and truly discover who He is. 


  • Have you heard the knocking of Jesus at your door? What thoughts come to mind when you picture this happening?

  • What thoughts do you have about having Jesus sitting and eating with you? What would you talk about or ask?


Father, thank you for knocking at the door and eating with me. I am grateful I get to have such unhindered access to You. I hope I always realize how undeserved this reality is, and I will spend time continuing to learn more about You. I love You Father, and pray all of this in Your name, Amen. 

PC3 writer Davy Nance wrote today’s devotional.

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