"Your ministry flows from your walk."
"It's disciples of Jesus that make disciples of Jesus."
"A good leader must first be a good follower."
"The work of a church leader is to gather people to Christ."

Statements like these rightfully prioritize a leader's relationship with Christ over knowledge, popularity, status, or even moral beliefs. Every Christian is a leader in some sense. We all have influence. So how can you test your spiritual readiness to lead others? Here are ten questions to guide you and to give you confidence.

Are you convinced...

  1. that the purpose of your life is to glorify God and to fully find your joy and well-being in him?
  2. that you were made for a love relationship with God the Father?
  3. that sin broke that relationship and that the consequence of sin is disunity with God and death?
  4. that Jesus is God, that he is alive, that he is the clearest picture to us of what God is like, and that the Scriptures point to him?
  5. that only the gift of Jesus’ death and resurrection makes communion with the Father possible again, leading to eternal life for those who place their faith in him (Jesus)?
  6. that you have accepted this gift by surrendering control of your life and handing it to Jesus?
  7. that you have been given a new identity and a new way of living that should be increasingly obvious to the world around you?
  8. that every person has incalculable value in God’s eyes and that your call is to love them and to serve them?
  9. that you are meant to be an active part of the body of Christ, the Church, and that Jesus is the head of that body?
  10. that you have received the Holy Spirit to guide you and help you, and that your beliefs and opinions are to be guided by Scripture?

Can you say you believe these to be true with your head and heart? If you are unsure about one or more of these questions, find a trusted leader to process with.

There's plenty more to know and learn about leading others, but we believe these convictions set a really good foundation.


*When people see a word like 'convinced', we tend to think about perfection. Let's be reminded that God is not waiting to use perfect people. Perfection has been lost and it can never be recovered. Our perfection is found only in Jesus. And in Jesus that perfection is settled and secure. So think instead about distinct-ness. How much like Jesus and his kingdom can we be, now and in the future? That's something we can always work toward and be better at, by God's grace.