Connect, Grow, and Serve

Just as Old Testament Israel was set apart as 'God's treasured possession' (Deut. 7:6), the New Testament Church also has been marked 'a people for his own possession' (1 Pet. 2:9). Like Israel, we too have been given a distinct identity and way of living—a culture Jesus called the Kingdom of God. But unlike Israel, ours is a kingdom of loyal hearts and grace and truth; not of land and laws.

Our aim as a church, then, is to help one another live authentically from our God-given identity and culture—Jesus' friends living under his authority. It's in this distinctness that we find our own joy and well-being. And it's from this distinctness that we serve and bless others. We love and celebrate every story.

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Tools For A Spiritual Life

The people of Port City Community Church examine our everyday lives from five perspectives. We call them gauges. To mature in each is to grow deeper into Christ and to grow upward into his fullness.

  1. PURSUIT — Seek God and respond to him with reverence, wonder, and awe.

  2. DISCIPLINE — Take hold of everything God has given you in Christ Jesus.

  3. FORMATION — Explore and adapt to your identity in Christ and the culture of God's kingdom.

  4. IMITATION — Venture into the world around you, as a bearer of God-like love.

  5. MISSION — Purposefully invest in the development of others.

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Learn and Lead

We're all growing and learning together and we invite you to be a part. Whether you are taking your first steps toward God or you're years into the journey, Port City offers places for you to grow and to help others grow: studies, groups, men's ministry, women's ministry, serving, and missions. Along the way, you'll receive care when you need it and guidance when preparing for special times like your baptism or wedding.



We're here to help you navigate your course. Visit What's Next in the Gallery before or after any service to find your best next step.